Wine tasting seminar with Robert McNulty

Wine tasting seminar with Robert McNulty, a unique opportunity to learn how to taste and communicate wine according to international standard, from one of the most educated and communicative wine tasters in the world.

The seminar will provide wine professionals – be they sommeliers, journalists or wine makers – with the tasting and communication skills needed to act and work in the global wine market.

This seminar is also warmly recommended to those who are willing to take WSET L3 (or below) examination. 


When: April the 7th (Saturday) from 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM

Where: Tasting hall of the Lepa Vida Boutique Winery, in the region of Nova Gorica, close to the Italian border and easy to reach from the highway. Only 15 minutes away from the Italian border, about one hour and a half from Venice.

What: blind tasting* of 24 wines from all over the world, of each of the four main kind (sparkling, various methods; still white; still red; sweet and fortified).
Seminars also teaches
– Explanations on how they are made and why they taste so, which are their varietal features and which depend on the place they come from.
– How to describe their characteristics according to the international WSET criteria and how are such wines regarded on the international market.
[* Detailed list of wines will be provided at the end of the course]

Who: the first 10 learners that will enroll. Only 12 seats are available, to allow each partecipant to get the maximum from the experience.
No particular wine tasting abilities are required, but a good knowledge of English language is mandatory.

With whom: Robert Mc Nulty is a WSET® Certified Educator, owner – together with Master of Wine Jane Hunt – of Wine Academy Italia, probably the most highly regarded organisation in Italy that provides preparation courses to WSET® examinations.
He is a MV student, wine author for BBC and judge at the Decanter Wine Award.
Moreover, he’s capable to make even the most complex things simple and to deliver the best learning experience.

How: with the “retreat” formula. The tasting hall of the Lepa Vida Boutique Winery is fully reserved for the wine tasting seminar, to enhance concentration and learning.
Gourmet luch is included and will take place in the premises, so that no time is wasted and opinions can be shared during lunch, too.
Lunch is provided by renowned Slovene restaurant Grad Kromberk.

How much€ 270,00 per person.

Why this price: because it’s the quotient of total spending divided by 12, plus a very small fee to compensate organisation. An early booking fee at € 230,00 per person was available to those who helped reducing organisation job by subscribing within February 17th.

Why attending the seminar: because it’s worth more than its price if you are a serious wine professional working – with any role – with foreign markets.

This seminar is particularly interesting for you if you are a:

  • Wine professional aiming at build a better carreer, better reputation and in delivering service of higher quality to his or her customer
  • Winemaker, as well as a cellar’s marketing manager, aiming at increasing the cellar’s business in foreing markets.
  • Sommelier or wine and food professional who wants to improve his or her abilities in communicating wine to foreign customers and/or employers
  • Journalist or wine writer who is willing to widen his or her horizons and/or to be able to work overseas.
  • Wine lover who is about to step up and become a professional
  • WSET students until L3




First step to succesfully talk about a wine is being able to communicate it in a proper and trustworthy way, a way that is shared with other wine-professionals around the world and that becomes a kind of mutual language, that helps avoiding misundertandings and leads to a business relationship that is satisfying for each part involved, or helps establishing one’s reputation as a wine professional.

Lexical properties and a wide English vocabulary may not be enough to professionally describe wine to foreign customers and to allow them to understand a wine’s peculiarities and value, or to write for a popular magazine.

I do believe in the value of this seminar and in the need of a quality, internationally competitive education for non English-speaking wine professionals, so I’m putting my money where my mouth is and I organise, recommend and pay to attend, too, this extraordinary wine tasting seminar, that will give you new, useful and actually exploitable professional skills.

Enrollment period already began


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